Product viability

There are no 3D shooter games with open world in crypto. Polygonum Online occupies an intermediate position between game segments - with CRYPTO and WITHOUT. First about WITHOUT crypto - they are online games for example: Rust, PUBG, some FARMs etc. Second about CRYPTO games for example: Axie Infinite, CryptoBlades, Mobox . People like to play and earn real money. But most crypto games have browser 2d versions, they are very different from the current game market WITHOUT crypto.

Comparison of competitors with Polygonum Online

Polygonum Online VS Rust:
Rust (not crypto) - survival with an open world and huge community. Polygonum Online - survival shooter with a wider audience (FARM, PVP, PVE) and tokens reward during the process of the game.
Polygonum Online VS My Neighbor Alice:
My Neighbor Alice - buy your own island, build a farm. Polygonum Online - stake tokens and get your own farm with real reward in tokens.
Polygonum Online VS PUBG:
PUBG (not crypto) - best battle royale, on the mobile version, over 10 million users. Polygonum Online - get reward for each kill. Drop valuable items and resources for crafting, which are converted to tokens.
Polygonum Online VS DEX
DEX - anonymity, decentralization, benefit mechanisms. Polygonum Online - anonymity, decentralization, a large number of income mechanisms, including real FARM with cows and seeds. On DEX you can exchange Bitcoin-USDT, on Polygonum - AK47-POG with an order book and AK47 u can craft before. It's easier than mine Bitcoin.
Polygonum has the best of the two worlds and is unique as a shooter-crypto game with simple interface, understandable mechanics and strong community.