💰 How to earn

Polygonum Online is a unique project with various mechanics, where everyone can find something to his likings.
Main business model is Win-Win, the more the player earns, the more the project`s income from money circulation.
Each mechanics uses $POG which lessens the Market Cap and increases the $POG cost


Play & Earn $POG every match! Start with 1$, earn up to 437,840$ per single match!
Tournament is a competition where your guild competes against other teams in order to win a prize and get a pool of $POG .

Tournaments modes:

  • Guild War (GW) is a battle 5x5.
  • Battle Royale Guild War (BRGW) is a battle on a large map with a limit of 200 participants and 40 guilds. The minimum is 5 participants from one guild, the maximum is 50 participants.
Each match takes 1 round.

How it works

4,770$ - middle reward per single match (prize pool), after match winner team get 3,816$ directly + 47,7$ (1%) to guild.
  • 100% — total prize pool for each match
  • 80% — winners team get back instant
  • 20% — fee

Price impact

How many matches a day does it take to buy out all the $POG ? - 18 matchs per day, to buy up total Market cap.
  • Current Market cap - 2,500,000 $
  • Calculation - 2,500,000$ / 4,770$ (middle match reward) = 524 match per month, or 18 match per day.


Open world with Airdrops, quests, resources seeking and NFT crafting, fights with monsters and bosses. Discover the Polygonum Online huge open world 4500x4500.

How it works

  • Mining - mine public ore with up to 1000 $POG per mine and resouces for crafting
  • Fights with monsters and bosses - drop NFT and $POG
  • Airdrops - contrainer drops with NFT or $POG
  • Tasks & Events - daily and weekly quests and events to get NFT + $POG

Price impact

Inflationary model - NFT repairing , items upgrade, consumables purchase (grenades, first-aid kits etc.)


Your personal island with passive income! FARM, guilds boosters, personal shooting range and more.
Island allows you to earn tokens and have fun. You can get benefit from the FARMing. Uniqueness of the FARM, in addition to the gameplay, will give the opportunity to pump it up to earn more!
If you know how Yield Farming works, you already know how a FARM works. Instead of clicking on “Harvest” in the browser, you will collect milk from a cow or potatoes from a field and exchange for tokens from NPCs.


  • FARMing —passive income. Grow animals, plant seeds.
  • Private MINING cave— extract resources from a personal cave
  • CHEST — islanders will have the opportunity to open a free CHEST each week to get NFT + FARMing item
  • NFT Marketplace — access to the marketplace from the island
  • Shooting range — weapon testing and firing practice
  • Items storage — increase the base storage of items
  • Hangar — storage for NFT Cars
  • Buildings — building construction
  • Autofarming — automatical farming without a farm owner
  • Inviting friends or build Guild with free boosters

How it works

You purchase an island for 3000 $POG and get an upgradeable island of the 1st level. The amount of islands is limited to 3000.
  • 4 NFTs drop every month, that is 1 per week
  • Mining - mine private ores and get up to 1000 $POG + resources for crafting at a time
  • FARMing - livestock and gardening income. Average cost recovery takes 1 month

Price impact

How islands mechanic will change the $POG price? - 50% Market cap will reduced or 9% total supply .
  • Private island price is 3000 $POG, total minted islands 3000 NFT
  • Calculation - 3000 $POG * 3000 avaluable islands = 9,000,000 $POG (9% total supply)